From the Department Profile page's Programs tab, click on the Edit this Program button to get to the Program Profile screen.

Here's a google sheet template you can duplicate to fill in and then share with your grad program administration team. Make sure you read the section on Stages, Milestones, and Requirements, below.

Basic Info

Provide the common name and formal name of the program (e.g. PhD, Doctor of Philosophy).


We will be adding settings here as new program-specific settings are suggested to us by users.

For now, the only setting is the list of subfields in the program. These are listed on students' profile pages. Simply add them, edit, and delete them as necessary. Note that deleting one will not delete it from students' profiles.

Administrators (Under construction)

This tab allows you to add program-specific Administrators, who will be able to see all faculty in the department but only students in this program. However this feature is still under construction and not available. If you have a strong use-case for it, please let us know about it at [email protected].

<aside> ℹ️ About Stages, Milestones, and Requirements

In Prograds, the main sequential stages of the program are called Stages. For a PhD, for example, these are often: Coursework, Comprehensive Exams, Dissertation Proposal (Prospectus), Dissertation, and Awaiting Defense. There is no enforcement of the sequence of Stages in Prograds. Stage transitions can only be made manually by administrative users from the student's profile page.

It's important to understand that Stages are set manually and students occupy a stage until they have been progressed to the next one. So, for example, while there might be a stage called Comprehensive Exams, the individual exams with dates would be best set up as Milestones within the Comprehensive Exams Stage.

Milestones are more granular than Stages but must be completed along the way. They are ordered and must be placed within Stages. For example, choosing a committee and getting it approved is a typical Milestone within the Proposal/Prospectus Stage. There is no enforcement of the sequence of Milestones in Prograds; the milestones to be completed simply display on students' pages in the order you set here on the Program Profile page. Milestones are baked into the program. Students can only be exempted from Milestones; they can’t be deleted from a Student’s record.

Requirements are things that must be completed but do not have a sequence or depend on completion of prior stages, milestones, or requirements. Examples include being a Teaching Assistant or certifying competence in a second language.

Milestones and Requirements have *Ideal Dates *****and Deadline Dates that are set by the Department. These dates are in months and are relative to each Student's Program Entry Date. So, for example, an Exam that should be taken after two years of coursework would likely have an Ideal Date of 24 months and a Deadline Date of perhaps 28 months.

Milestones and Requirements have completion and approved indicators for each student. Milestones and Requirements have an exempt indicator for each student.

Note: When Milestones and Requirements are added to an existing department, they populate to all Students (with status marked not complete).

Note: When new Students are created, the Program's Milestone's and Requirements populate to the student.



PhD Programs, for example, will typically have four to six stages. These are very common across North American programs and increasingly elsewhere. You may want to use:

  1. Admitted
  2. Coursework (could be year 1 or year 2 although that is already something indicated automatically in Prograds)
  3. Comprehensive (or Qualifying or Prelim) Exams
  4. Dissertation Proposal / Prospectus
  5. Dissertation